Photo report from Global Prospect’s 4th Summer Event entitled. “Nobles have fun”.

“Nobles have fun” or the 4th edition of Global Prospect’s summer event is behind us.
It was a magical weekend that will remain in our memories for a very long time. The first day was all about handing out the Global Winners – i.e. special awards for our top professionals, thanking them for a very successful year of hard work together and having fun with the best music from art and show. Day two was marked by fun and sport. For the braver ones, there was the opportunity to float above the water with a flyboard, which brought a lot of fun and smiles to the participants’ faces! Next, a touch of competition and even more laughter induced by the Global Prospect Olympics. We were divided into teams and set off to overcome the obstacles organised for us by the amber event. 11 special tasks and more than 60 participants, with plenty of laughter, terror in our eyes at the climbing wall and pride in our task. All these emotions accompanied us practically for the rest of the day. The perfect ending was the barbecue and fireworks display. Believe us, it was a truly magical event!
Catch a few snaps from us of what went on.