Photos from Global Camp – canoeing 2023!

Every one of our events is different. Each one brings with it many memories that will remain etched in our minds, but Global Camp will remain in our hearts forever!
On Friday, the participants attended a communist-style fancy dress ball, where everyone’s costumes and hairstyles were just crazy! Everyone looked like they were back in the 70s and 80s!
Despite the pouring rain, we managed to party late into the night! By Saturday morning the weather had cleared up, perfect for canoeing! And it was another masterpiece from our team. We were greeted by the Piława and Dobrzyca rivers, beautiful and natural, with obstacles in the form of fallen tree trunks, narrow passages and so on. We tackled them as a team and as a result, everyone made it to the finish line! And it wasn’t easy at times, believe us.
Our two best coxless swimmers, Tomasz and Patryk, know a thing or two about this, as they felt the coolness of the water just 20 metres after leaving the base.
Oh, you could write a book! I tell you! So it’s better to look at the photos!
In any case, the film we do of them is sure to be an Oscar-winner!