Polish firefighters come to the aid of France

Oh this is a beautiful example of Polish-French cooperation, and this time it’s not about our company at all You’ve probably heard about the huge fires that are plaguing the French region of Bordeaux. Well, our brave firefighters went to the aid of their French colleagues. Last week, 49 vehicles with 146 Polish firefighters, to be exact, arrived on the scene and began extinguishing fires covering more than 1,000 hectares! The firefighters received a very warm welcome on site. They were welcomed by the fire chief and the local police chief. The locals also welcomed our firefighters with an open heart and with complete amazement that Poles in such a large group – the largest – came to help, commented one of the Polish firefighters. The #MissionFrance was a success and our compatriots will be back in the country next weekend! We would like to thank our Brave Firefighters for helping our friends from France and wish them a good journey home!